by By C.P. Taylor
January 5 – February 12, 2004

Good by C.P. Taylor tackles some of the most terrifying questions of our time… How did man’s inhumanity to man descend to the depths of depravity of the Final Solution?… What drove the common man (and woman) to be such willing partners in its creation and execution?…Are we as societies and individuals doomed to repeat history? This play allows us not only to bear witness to a fictitious account of what could have transpired during one man’s transformation to Nazism, but demands that we look at our own society, our political structure, moral superiority, arrogance of being above the law, heightened and manipulated propaganda of fear, hatred of liberalism and environmentalism, and feeble attempts to stop the pain and suffering of poverty.

Directed by: Greg Natale
Starring: Paul Todaro, Lisa Vitrano, Hallie Clarke, Arlene Clement, Saul Elkin, Christian Brandjes, Tim Newell, Christopher Standart, Peter Jaskowiak, Kelly Ferguson, Dan Walker, Max Gukhman, Jim Malloy, Beth Figlioti, Drew McCabe.

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