From Door to Door

archives_doortodoorFrom Door to Door
By James Sherman
May 13-June 6, 2010

A grandmother, mother and daughter, all women from the same family. The secrets of one generation are the discoveries of the next. Shifting back and forth in time and spanning 70 years of family history, From Door to Door is a funny, touching tribute to three generations of Jewish women in America. From Door to Door brings new meaning to the song, “L’Dor V’Dor” (From Generation to Generation). Written by James Sherman, author of the nation-wide comedy Beau Jest. Directed by Saul Elkin and featuring Sheila McCarthy, Eileen Dugan and Anne Roaldi.

Directed By: Saul Elkin
Starring: Eileen Dugan, Sheila McCarthy, & Anne Roaldi



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