Body Awareness

play_bodyMAY 8, 2014 –
JUNE 1, 2014

Starring: Eileen Dugan, Kristen Tripp Kelley, Tim Newell, & Adam Yellen

Director: Saul Elkin

It’s “Body Awareness” week on a Vermont college campus and Phyllis, the organizer, and her partner, Joyce, are hosting one of the guest artists in their home, Frank, a photographer famous for his female nude portraits. Both his presence in the home and his chosen subjects instigate tension from the start. Phyllis is furious at his depictions, but Joyce is actually rather intrigued by the whole thing, even going so far as to contemplate posing for him. As Joyce and Phyllis bicker, Joyce’s adult son, who may or may not have Asperger’s Syndrome, struggles to express himself with heartbreaking results.



Buffalo News gives 3.5 star review to Body Awareness. Don’t miss this exceptional show that ends June 1.

Buffalo News calls Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival a “cinematic feast that sits comfortably near the top of the Western New York film festival list in terms of quality and ambition.”


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