After the Revolution

After the Revolution
February 9 – March 5, 2017

Written by: Amy Herzog
Directed by: Saul Elkin
Starring: Anne Roaldi Boucher, Lisa Ludwig, Tom Makar, David Marciniak, Adam Rath, Tina Rausa, Bonnie Taylor, Steve Vaughan

Play Synopsis: Emma Joseph, a bright, hard-working, recent law school graduate descended from a long line of Marxists, is continuing her family’s business of fighting for progressive ideals. She founded the Joe Joseph Fund, named for her grandfather who was blacklisted during the McCarthy era for refusing to name names, and is currently working to free a man on death row who is being punished for his outspoken political beliefs in much the same way. A curveball comes hurdling Emma’s way however, when she learns that her grandfather may have been passing information to Russians while working for the US government. In this intellectual family drama laden with lively, entertaining dialogue, loyalty, citizenship, betrayal and freedom are opened for investigation.

"AFTER THE REVOLUTION is a shrewd, ironic meditation on what we do with history, how we appropriate it for our own psychological needs. Among the play's many pleasures—a firm grasp of historical paradox, sharp dialogue—the most satisfying is the way the characters struggle through their differences to listen to one another.
—The New Yorker

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