Old Jews Telling Jokes

October 23, 2014- November 16, 2014

Starring: Todd Benzin, Josie DiVincenzo, Saul Elkin, Tina Rausa, & Robert Rutland
Director: Saul Elkin

"If a Jewish husband states his opinion while alone in the woods, is he still wrong?"
Think you've heard every old Jewish joke in the book? Think again! It’s Borscht Belt in this 90-minute joke fest that touches on birth, courtship, marriage, death and those little annoyances in between (like doctors and rabbis). This show, inspired by a popular website, and turned into a popular Off Broadway hit, will keep you smiling with memorable, laugh-out-loud moments. If you've ever had a mother, visited a doctor or walked into a bar with a priest, a rabbi and a frog, you’ll enjoy this kosher pickle barrel full of wit, history and humor.


My girl friend & I thoroughly enjoyed the play! It was witty, well produced & well played out! I am not Jewish but I have always enjoyed the cultures wonderful sense of humor. I was thrilled to be included. I have & will continue to tell my friends! This is my second time at your theater. I am hooked! - Terry Baker

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